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Free Translation is a multi-disciplinary project showcasing international works by currently and formerly incarcerated people as well as anyone affected by imprisonment. What you are experiencing is the online version of the Free Translation exhibition. In this project we use translation techniques as a means of creatively interpreting works of art and word. This means that we interpret the meaning of the works and create new works of art based on the translations. This can be a translation into another language or another medium. For example, a poem can be manifested into a photograph and a drawing can be written as a letter. In this way, we make new works of art and literature, and get closer to understanding ourselves and each other as we open dialogue.

The Online Gallery

On the online gallery under each picture there is the possibility for you to interpret or comment on that piece. It can be in text, visual, or video format.

Your translations and interpretations inspire more thoughts, feelings, and perspectives to be shared and to be sparked.

How to translate:

+ Select an artwork from the online gallery that speaks to you.

+ Look at it carefully and read it. What is this artwork trying to communicate to you?

+ Using creative means available to you such as pen, paper, recycled materials or your mobile phone camera/word processor create a response to the work. What feelings and thoughts does it inspire in you? How does that feeling translate into a color or a shape, for example?

+ In addition or as an alternative, feel free to translate the work into another language.

Email your translation to info(at) Include the title of the piece, date, materials, and author, if you would like these to be posted along with your artwork. You can directly upload your own response/translation to the artwork at the bottom of the artwork where it says ‘Add your interpretation’.

Visitors of the website, art exhibitions and workshops we hold will see your creative response. We always will try to make sure the responses are seen by their authors.

Open Call for Source Texts

We invite folks affected by incarceration to submit a work in any means of creative expression, be it a drawing, a photograph or a poem or any other technique that speaks to you. The open call is ongoing and open to all ages. The works submitted will appear online and in any future exhibitions in Finland and abroad.

This exhibition makes use of the translation process as we interact and create new artworks in response to the original artwork. Your work on view encourages the audience to prompt dialogue, inspire thoughts, and creatively activate the space. Your voice is heard and recognized.

You are welcome to submit a piece of work to be included in the Free Translation exhibition. Include the title of the piece, date, materials, and author, if you would like these to be posted along with your artwork

Your artistic contribution is very much appreciated. Works can be emailed to info(at) or mailed to:

Free Translation
Kaasutehtaankatu 1
00580 Helsinki

Please note that the artist is responsible for posting the artworks to be included in the exhibition. By sending us your artworks you give consent to putting them on Prison Space and Translation is Dialogue websites, social media outlets, and including them in the exhibitions in public spaces and online. If for any reason, you wish to be anonymous, please state that clearly. We reserve a right to exhibit a selected number of works.

To keep up to date on Free Translation happenings, please check, and

We hope to see you there!

Anastasia Artemeva & Arlene Tucker


Free Translation is a continuously growing interactive space that exhibits art by people affected by incarceration. Please feel free to contact us at info(at)

Free Translation Sessions is a collaboration of two projects: Prison Outside and Translation is Dialogue (TID). We are based in Helsinki, Finland. Prison Outside focuses on the role of the arts in subjects of imprisonment, justice, and in the relationships between people in prisons and people outside. TID is an ongoing art curation that generates a new project every time it is presented. TID uses translation techniques to not only produce art, but also understand what is being communicated.

To keep up to date and learn more about our projects, please visit, and

Thank you and we look forward to seeing your artwork!


Anastasia Artemeva & Arlene Tucker

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Оксана Крутицкая (Oksana Krytickaya) - The World Around Us,


  • Gaia Del Negro says:

    I was attracted by this poem that I could not read, with already a translation I could read, then I saw the statue of a woman with a child, by the same author Оксана Крутицкая (Oksana Krytickaya). So, my translation of the poem was influenced by the statue. And viceversa. I felt heavy and fluid at the same time while drawing the shape.I copied the words. Words worlds.

    • Free Translation says:

      Gaia Del Negro: Whilst watching the texts to translate I asked a question about this poem. I then was caught by the first prompt, the woman with baby statue. So my translation of the poem was influenced by that.
      As I drew the shape I felt smooth but burdened, heavy shoulders (I have been feeling tense all day). i wanted to connect my name with the poet’s. hers seems at the bottom, mine floats. Yet we are connected

  • Free Translation says:

    I am a magician! I created my world!
    The world is not at all like a rifle range!
    A world without weapons, a world without hunters!
    A world where animals do not need the slaughter!

    My house is on a rainbow, and the sky is my bed.
    Yes! In the morning, spring drops of spring wake me up!
    You may not believe me, I will not convince you
    And when the evening falls I softly light the stars!

    My world is real, my world is beautiful!
    The sun is always, sleep is safe!
    Roses bloom under the snow, the snow does not melt!
    Anything can happen in my world.

    People and animals – all as one!
    Everyone is his own master!
    Roses under the snow, as before, bloom!
    Come in, I’m waiting for you here !!!

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